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From "Pierre-Arnaud Marcelot">
Subject Re: Buildsystem studio
Date Wed, 17 Oct 2007 07:25:43 GMT
Hi Felix,

Well, the answer is: both...

At the beginning at the project, when we started the build system, we tried
to use Maven first. Maven is really great for building jars but building
Eclipse plugins is very special. We couldn't find a way for Maven to resolve
the Eclipse dependencies of the plugins (like Eclipse Core, Eclipse SWT for

It became even more difficult when we tried to build the RCP application for
each environment (Mac OS X Intel & PPC, Linux i386, PPC, AMD64, and Windows
i386) and incorporate the plugins in it.

So, we turned to Ant+Ivy instead.

I've already tried to move to Maven our build system several times, but I
could not find a way to make it work.

For the 1.0 release, we've simplified the Ant+Ivy build system to be easier
to use to define a new Plugin, Feature, Help Plugin, or simple utility Jar.
A common Ant script is inherited from each project specific build.xml file.
This common Ant script defines base tasks for building, packaging,
generating documentation, etc., that each project specific build.xml file
can override if it needs a special behavior.

For a simple Eclipse Plugin, the build.xml file could look as simple as
<project default="plugin">
    <import file="../studio-build/build.xml"/>

Since, the build system works well now, I think we'll stay like that for a
little while. But if you have links for building Eclipse plugins and Eclipse
RCP applications with Maven, I would love to read them... ;)

Pierre-Arnaud Marcelot

On 10/17/07, Felix Knecht <> wrote:
> Hi all
> I don't want to wake up sleeping dogs and fore sure there exists already
> a lot of threads about this subject, but googling on the
> (I haven't found a search functionality at the
> mail-archives itself) didn't point me to a final decision.
> The buildsystem for studio is ant/ivy based whereas all the others are
> maven2 based. Is this on purpose (for a special reason) or just
> historical based and not yet migrated?
> Regards
> Felix

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