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From Emmanuel Lecharny <>
Subject [TSec convos]
Date Mon, 29 Oct 2007 17:05:24 GMT
Hi David, Alex,

I just read a dozen of mails about TSec and very high level discussion 
about what is a Role, User, Permission, Group, etc...

Those mails are really interesting, but there is some things that bugs me :
- I don't see any alignement coming from those mails
- we do have a working version of TSec, but it only works with ADS 1.0, 
so I think that the urgence is to get TSec migrated to fit ADS 2.0
- I'm not sure that changing a hell lot of code in a branch will help a 
lot, unless if used as a proof of concept.

I understand that some of use need to code to expose their ideas, and 
that other really like to write doco before coding, we are all 
different. The problem is that at some point, there is an existing 
project, called Tsec, which is stalling. If there is no alignement of 
ideas, no common agenda, no baby steps done, then there is no way to get 
the job doen, as it will end as a battle of ego.

May I suggest that we start porting TSec to get a ADS-trunk 
compatinbility right now, and then trying to make it work smoothly as 
is? I would also appreciate that before doing any change in this code, 
there is at least a minimal agreement reached, otherwise it will end 
with 3 or 4 different incompatible versions...

So far, this is the way we have successfully worked in the past 3 years, 
without any single argument, and I wish it is possible to continue like 

I would add that Tsec has been written by Alex, and so far, as he also 
started ADS, which is quite a pretty smart piece of software, I'm 
inclined to think that Alex is trustable... Alex also is good at 
considering other people's view points giving them a chance to 
participate and drive development, and he knows he makes mistakes and 
listens to others, which is one of the reasons why we stand by him.

Bottom line, there is nothing personnal about it. It's just that we have 
an agenda, which is pretty heavy, and we need to keep some focus. I'm 
afraid that losing time discussing on the very basis of Tsec just make 
Alex losing a lot of time, and this harms the whole project. This is 
pretty much more a priority issue...

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