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From Emmanuel Lecharny <>
Subject Re: KeyTab and EncryptionKey
Date Mon, 29 Oct 2007 08:40:19 GMT
Hi Enrique,

Enrique Rodriguez wrote:
> On 10/24/07, Emmanuel Lecharny <> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> while looking into the kerberos code, I found a KeyTab class, which is
>> used to read a KeyTab file. I have some questions related to this
>> class :
> Module 'kerberos-shared' in the trunk has a keytab package.  That
> package has as its entry point the Keytab class.  It sounds a bit like
> you are talking about something older, IIRC, possibly in another
> module.  If you find keytab code, apart from the keytab package in
> 'kerberos-shared', you can delete it.
Ok, found it... I was looking into the apacheds-password-client project, 
and didn't found the Keytab tests. Thanks for pointing them to me.

>> - do we use this class - or intend to use it - into the kerberos server ?
> I don't believe the server currently uses this class.  I originally
> intended this component to be used in conjunction with the LDAP
> protocol to import/export Kerberos keys to/from a keytab file.
> However, a "version 2" update to the Change Password protocol is
> working its way through the IETF and I believe this will be the better
> solution.  I wouldn't delete it since it is useful for interop.
Ok, np. I will keep this KeyTab class, I was just wondering what it 
would be good at. After some googling, I see it's good to have it.
>> - The EncryptionKey class contains a kvno which is not present in the
>> ASN.1 definition of this structure : do we need this field ?
> kvno needs to be somewhere.  We may not be strict about the kvno in
> use and IMO most implementations aren't strict but they do check the
> kvno to give the user the hint that they may not be using the correct
> kvno w.r.t. the error returned to the user.  I would review in light
> of your refactoring to a strict interpretation of the ASN.1
Let me think more about this question and your answer. I must further my 
understanding about the use of this kvno member.

Thanks for the answers !


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