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From Emmanuel Lecharny <>
Subject Re: Issues with basic configuration of Server.xml
Date Sun, 28 Oct 2007 08:56:04 GMT
jeffrey615 wrote:
> Sorry if you all think this question was stupid.  I am a medical doctor that
> don't have much experience with computers.  My head is wired for medicine
> not computers!!!  
"Doctor, my leg hurts..."
"Hmmm, I think it's broken, you should go to the next hospital"
'Oh, Doctor, do you think something is wrong with my leg ?"

Pretty sure that you will ask your patient if he has also some kind of 
Alzeihmer ...

This is what your mails and our answers looks like, when you read them 

People are pretty patient, but they don't like to be asked twice the 
same thing. We work on this server for fun, on extra hours, and you can 
bet that those extra hours are numerous (it's a 500 000 lines of code 
beast, something you just don't write in a couple of weeks). Sometime 
you will also get an harsh answer just because it's 3 am, and we are 
tired trying to fix an obscure bug instead of having some rest.

The link Stefan pointed to contains many reasons why 'hackers' don't 
like what they consider as 'stupid questions'. Of course, it's a 
semi-humorous test, and you should not consider that hackers are always 
right. We are all volunteers, and we are sometime very vocal, that's it.


> Stefan Zoerner-2 wrote:
>> jeffrey615 wrote:
>>> Yeah that is the xml file that I am having issues with.  Do you see any
>>> code
>>> that is not right?
>> How To Ask Questions The Smart Way
>> Greetings from Hamburg,
>>      Stefan
> :-p:-p

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