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From "Jan-Olof Herbertsson" <>
Subject How to deploy a custom partition
Date Tue, 09 Oct 2007 19:51:07 GMT


I try to deploy the CustomPartition (fetched from

into ApacheDS 1.0. But with no success.


I have no idea how server.xml should be configured? Are there some examples available?

How to define the connection between the CustomPartition class and myPartitionConfiguration
in server.xml


I tried with following in server.xml
1)  Defined the bean 
<bean id="mypartition" class=""/>

and the constructor was executed.
But I suppose it should be more here …. ?


2) Added myPartitionConfiguration to contextPartitionConfigurations

<property name="contextPartitionConfigurations">


        <ref bean="examplePartitionConfiguration"/>

        <ref bean="sevenSeasPartitionConfiguration"/>

        <ref bean="myPartitionConfiguration"/>




3) Copied the examplePartitionConfiguration to myPartitionConfiguration
bean id="myPartitionConfiguration" class="">

    <property name="name"><value>My partition</value></property>

    <property name="cacheSize"><value>100</value></property>

    <property name="suffix"><value>ou=mypartition</value></property>

    <property name="optimizerEnabled"><value>true</value></property>


    <property name="synchOnWrite"><value>true</value></property>

    <property name="contextEntry">


        objectClass: top

        objectClass: organization

        objectClass: extensibleObject

        ou: mypartition





But without no success. Any hints what’s wrong? 






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