A great post indeed.  Good find.

Although I already had good vibes from Howard after the conference this just reinforces it.  Howard is a
much bigger person than I had originally thought. It makes complete sense to me now.  Hard core
OpenLDAP heavies like Howard can admit when an outlook is better without seeing it as weakness.  This just
shows that we have a strong basis for collaboration with the OpenLDAP community.  They hold dear to them
the same fundamental principals as we do:

* relentlessly following the specifications
* looking at X.500 to see where LDAP can advance
* being an organic open source community based on very similar BSD derived licenses
* faithful to LDAP and it's future progression
* having a no BS approach (just real stuff without marketing fluff)

I admire these aspects about them and it's what made me revere the OpenLDAP folks even before starting
this Directory effort here.  This post reaffirms that once again.

The LDAP conference was the best I've ever gone to from the standpoint of what it did for the LDAP community. 
The future of LDAP looks much brighter as a result of it.


On 9/26/07, Chris Custine <ccustine@apache.org> wrote:
Hi Everyone,
Just and FYI...  I thought this blog post was interesting considering the bad mojo that we have had between us and the Symas guys in the past.  This proves that we made a great impression and won some supporters when we went over to LDAPCon.  This is a really good blog post and makes it all seem worth it to have support from these guys.