I don't know how critical but perhaps we should also make sure we have a scheduler service
exposed so administrators can enable jobs for like backups or various other operations.  We
already use quartz in mitosis but it would be really nice to centralize access to this service
from the DirectoryService interface.  We don't need to go all out and back the store in LDAP
for now although that would be nice but just having a scheduler even if the job information is
maintained in memory using our server.xml for configuration is enough.

Do others think this should be added?


On 9/26/07, Emmanuel Lecharny < elecharny@apache.org> wrote:
Hi guys,

it's more than 5 months we released 1.5.0, and nearly one month since
1.5.1. Keep in mind that 1.5 is supposed to be an unstable release,
which means that we may add features to it. It has some impact on the
way we are currently working :

1- as the 1.5 is officially released, and publicly available as a top
project on our web-site, users may be confused about its status
2- we encouraged users to switch to 1.5, because we must admit that
it's way faster and stable than 1.0
3- we are reluctant to add new features because it can negatively
impact our users because of point (1) and (2)
4- we currently have no idea about which feature has to be included
into the trunk, because we don't have any roadmap for a 2.0
5- and we also have a need of huge modifications which will differ a
2.0 to get out soon, if we introduce them into the trunk.

For all these reasons, we do think that at this point, a clear (?)
roadmap for 2.0 must be agreed on. [we = many people expressed this
opinion]. The idea is to deliver a 2.0 by the end of this year. This
is not as simple as it seems :
- we have around 100 open issues
- we have absolutly no idea about the number of users we have which
may be impacted if we do change important things like configuration,
schema handming and database format
- we must go through some RC before releasing 2.0, and it will take a
couple of months
- we have to guarantee that we get the VSLDAP certification for 2.0,
and if possible, with STANDARD level
- and documentation must be updated.

Better starting now with this roadmap if we don't want the release to
be delivered by Q4 2008 ;)

So here is a fisrt draft :

2.0 roadmap proposal
1) Candidates by December 1st, release final by january 15th

2) tasks and durations

Estimated Durations :
* add index rebuilding command to 1.5 {1d}
* add change admin password command & not cleartext in server.xml file {5d}
* add start tls code  {10d}
* make mitosis work {20d}
* ad (ldap) delegated authentication {10d}
* make sure userPassword cannot be searched {2d}
* ???password policy??? {5d}
* finish stored procedure semantics {20d}
* finish trigger support {20d}
* add safeguards to prevent size based DoS attacks {5d}
* add Jetty container {5d}
* ???Controls???
  (schema update control) {20d}
* installers for Solaris and Debian {10d}
* support for all schema entities {20d}
   - nameForms
   - ditContentRules
   - ditStructureRules
* make critical schema flag (READ-ONLY) {3d}
* authz manager schema {15d}
* only add m-usage-count attribute to meta schema for use later (allow
updates to this by the server with USAGE) {3d}
* Add a changeLog interceptor {10d}

Unknown Durations :
* documentation for 2.0 {?}
* kill bug parade
* ???encrypted attributes???
* STANDARD certification {??}
* ???fine grained disabling of schema checks???
  (m-disableChecking BOOLEAN)
* Packaging
* Studio synchronization to deliver a suite

3) Roadmap :
To be done ...


This is a first list we established with Alex, so please consider this
as a draft, please tell us what you think about it.

Thoughts ?

Emmanuel Lécharny