On 9/25/07, Stefan Seelmann <seelmann@apache.org> wrote:
Hi Alex,

no, we use "com.sun.jndi.ldap.LdapCtxFactory" and it is hardcoded. We
already have an Jira about that, see

NP it's easy to fix this.  I was thinking of writing a UniversalCtxFactory that just delegates.

However, it works fine with Sun, IBM and JRockit JVMs, because they all
come with this class.

Really I thought that the IBM one was different.  It's com.ibm ... I hope I am wrong.
Cound not find a JNDI provider for jrocket tho but I'm pretty sure about IBM's.

I don't know if they just re-license the libraries
from Sun. I haven't tested with Harmony, but I guess it won't work (do
they have a LDAP provider yet?).

I think they're just looking into it now.

Some auto-detection depending on the JVM would be cool. Perhaps a simple
property file that maps from java.vendor or java.vm.vendor to the
factory class would be enough. Or we could have a list of well-known
factory classes and use reflection to test which class exists.

Yeah I just created a wrapper that detects based on the java.vm.vendor property.
I'm adding this to a shared/ldap-jndi so we can reuse it along with some of the other
utilities around JNDI I want to put in there.  BTW I want to implement that pattern
that the Spring LDAP guys are using and put it here as well so we can share it.

If you're interested in putting shared LDAP JNDI handling code in there too all the better.