On 9/25/07, Chris Custine <ccustine@apache.org> wrote:
See, this is something that I have never liked about the stable / unstable release categorization...  How can we ever claim to have a stable 2.0 release without some limitation of changes on the unstable 1.5 at some point?

Yes this is rigid but sometimes for good reasons for server products.  But I can debate this with my self all day long. I too have your concerns.  I just don't have a better option right now.  I know now is not the time to rehash this topic again since you did not seem to want to but perhaps we can reopen this conversation again. There's got to be a better way out there.  We'll find it probably.

My preference is to begin limiting major changes to 1.5.x for the sake of stabilizing it to be the 2.0 stable release, and at that point we EOL 1.0.  We start the major refactorings in 2.5 based on the 2.0 or a late 1.5 release.  I think anything else is just too complicated for us to manage properly.

Thanks for the feedback.  I kicked off a vote on this.