In 1.5 there is no longer a bootstrap registries.  Now the server bootstrap process starts up the schema
partition and loads all the schema info from the schema partition with a minimal set of schema data.

To help you out I need to know what your main objective is not how you're trying to solve some part of
it.  You may just be doing it the wrong way and I might be able to suggest a better option. 


On 9/25/07, <> wrote:
For an embedded DS I provide a dump method which prints the content of the jdbm partition(s) as a form of data integrity check.
In order to implement this I think I need a reference to the bootstrapRegistries:
            JdbmMasterTable master = new JdbmMasterTable( recMan );
            AttributeType attributeType = bootstrapRegistries.getAttributeTypeRegistry(  )
                                                             .lookup( "apacheUpdn" );
            JdbmIndex idIndex = new JdbmIndex( attributeType,
                    partitionDirectory, 1000, 1000 );
            NamingEnumeration list = master.listTuples(  );
            StringBuffer buf = new StringBuffer(  );
            while ( list.hasMore(  ) )
This code is very similar to my old DS 1.0 code and is a match to the code in 1.5
How do I get a reference to boostrapRegistries in an running, embedded directory?
Doing this throws an exception:
               Registries bootstrapRegistries = new DefaultRegistries( "bootstrap",
                    new BootstrapSchemaLoader(), new DefaultOidRegistry() );
javax.naming.NamingException: OID for name 'apacheUpdn' was not found within the OID registry
Many Thanks
Simon Temple