Yes I remember this conversation we had a while back and this was a good idea.  Perhaps it
still is.  The problem I have is with the proposal to create a new subproject with deliverables
in it.  That means more exposure to users who are going to be needing help etc.

This is a good thing but I don't want to deal with that until we have at least one or two more
people behind the Kerberos code base.  Perhaps you can help Emmanuel get up to speed
on the Kerberos code so we can grow more community around it.  Then if you want to move it
to Tsec or even have it as another subproject than that's cool.

On 9/22/07, Enrique Rodriguez < > wrote:
I've always wanted to see all the non-LDAP/directory code move to
Triplesec.  The name "Apache Directory" would make more sense and it
would clear things up for people who just want a
directory/LDAP/embedded JNDI provider.  It would also put the Kerberos
code together with the HOTP code already in Triplesec.