Ok we need to talk to Steven Legg who's working on those admin model drafts currently
about this. It's very important that we align with the new specifications which will emerge.


On 9/20/07, Ersin Er <ersin.er@gmail.com> wrote:
BTW, here is my discussion on the topic I wrote down before:


On 9/20/07, Ersin Er < ersin.er@gmail.com> wrote:

I considered this before and concluded with the most appropriate solution IMO. Current solution is completely backward compatible. The syntax supports both refinements and filters for the specificationFilter component of the subtreeSpecification.

I can try to explain more why I did not choose other alternative if you wish.

On 9/20/07, Alex Karasulu < akarasulu@apache.org> wrote:

I got an interesting idea while thinking about subtrees and specifications.  As you know we complied
up until recently strictly with the X.500 administrative model with respect to subtreeSpecifications.  The
changes we added to handle refinements which were filters broke away from X.500 in many ways. 

I was just thinking that it may be possible to use an extendedSubtreeSpecification attribute which
extends a subtreeSpecification.  However the only problem with this is the fact that the attributeType
subtyping another cannot switch the SYNTAX of the AT.  This is what I always thought but perhaps
I am wrong (I hope) but if I am wrong I think we can leverage AT extension while remaining compliant. 

Basically we can allow our subentry objectClasses to include extendedSubtreeSpecifications instead
of just the usual subtreeSpecification.



Ersin Er

Ersin Er