Sounds like a plan.  I want to drive forward with this as well as the specification process.  I have some ideas on these topics namely the search issues.


On 9/19/07, Ersin Er <> wrote:

On 9/20/07, Alex Karasulu <> wrote:

I was wondering what the plan is for completing all the trigger hooks.  While looking into
implementing a custom authenticator for delegating authentication to external LDAP servers
(namely AD) it occurred to me that I could use a trigger and stored procedure instead.  I
think Emmanuel had this idea a little while ago.

Basically I consider triggers as a user-side tool. A trigger is a replacement for code developed at client side to keep things in sync. If we want to use triggers for server extensions we need to go beyond the standardization effort. I don't think that we can propose as standard those all constructs needed by our server extension process.

I can implement a SP and fire it via an INSTEAD OF trigger on BIND rather implementing a
custom authenticator.  However we don't have INSTEAD OF triggers nor do we have a hook
on the BIND operation.  You planning on completing this stuff soon or is this something that
you recommend I start looking into?

As we've discussed before there are some problems with execution semantics of INSTEAD OF triggers. It especially applies to the search operation. If there are multiple triggers defined on an entry for a search operation, which of them will be executed? This decision is important because search operation returns a response to the client and this will be provided by the stored procedure invoked by the trigger.


I can make a list of problems I have seen about implementing those hooks so we can discuss on them. WDYT?

Ersin Er