Hi E,

I was exploring having a ChangeLogService from which you can get the interceptor
or interceptors to add to the chain.  I was thinking the service can be something that
is a high level interface accessible from the DirectoryService.

I have not finished toying with the idea but this may be something that is ok for this
specific service but not all.  We definitely have to think about how we're going to
structure interceptors that act on behalf of a service in the server instead of making
every service and interceptor or a service.  Just got to solidify some ideas around this.

This ChangeLog service thingy is just me playing around with the possibilities for now.
I'm also thinking how this all breaks down in terms of configuration etc.  So there's a
lot for me to think about in order to give the best answers here.  For now I may just call
it an interceptor to stay in line with what we've already done for consistency sake but
then we can revisit how to better structure things.


On 9/19/07, Emmanuel Lecharny <elecharny@gmail.com> wrote:
Hi Alex,

while looking to this new interceptor, I saw that the ChangeLogService
is empty, and that the interceptor itself is implemented into the
ChangeLogInterceptor class. All the other interceptor name are like
XXXService, so I was wondering if it would be better :
(1) change the ChangeLogInterceptor to ChangeLogService
(2) change all the XXXService to XXXInterceptor

I would favor option (2), because it makes much more sense than (1).

wdyt ?