On 9/10/07, Emmanuel Lecharny <elecharny@gmail.com> wrote:
I would also like to raise a point : a GUI is not a server, and as we
can deploy a bug fix via an update site, is it reasonnable to think
that the 72 hours delay seems a little bit too long for bug fixes
releases ?

I do think that a 72 hours vote is mandatory for major or minor
releases, but a shortest delay may be interesting dor bug fixes (24
hours for instance).

I don't know about doing this.  The ASF has reasons for the 72 hr vote and curbing it all the
time is not not something I would do.  I know I suggested it for a specific vote as an exception
however I don't feel comfortable with it as the general case.

I don't think this is because of a client or server thing either. Legalities are more important than
even if the release is totally broken.  I'd rather have a completely broken server/studio release
than have a perfect one out without the proper legal files in place or with a bundled LGPL'd jar.