On 9/10/07, Chris Custine <ccustine@apache.org> wrote:
[x] +1 Release Apache Directory Studio 1.0.1

On 9/10/07, Pierre-Arnaud Marcelot < pa@marcelot.net> wrote:
Hi Dev,

One week after the release of the 1.0.0 version, Apache Directory Studio 1.0.1 seems ready for release.

It's fixes a really major bug with SSL connections not working in the LDAP Browser and a few others.

Here's the complete changelog:
Apache Directory Studio 1.0.1

  * [DIRSTUDIO-162] - Delete old RDN on rename has no effect
  * [DIRSTUDIO-180] - Connection wizard and properties tabs are out of order
  * [DIRSTUDIO-183] - It's not possible to select a Connection in a New Search
  * [DIRSTUDIO-186] - When copying an entry it isn't displayed correctly in the browser tree
  * [DIRSTUDIO-190] - SSL connections are no longer working

  * [DIRSTUDIO-185] - Provide completion for all attribute types in the attribute wizard

  * [DIRSTUDIO-181] - Update the documentation of the Schema Editor Plugin
  * [DIRSTUDIO-188] - Move LDIF Editor help to its own help plugin

Version 1.0.1 has been tagged in SVN here : https://svn.apache.org/repos/asf/directory/studio/tags/1.0.1/
The packages are available for testing here : http://people.apache.org/~pamarcelot/packages_1.0.1/

Time to vote:
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[ ] +/-0 Abstain
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