[X] +1 Release Apache Directory Studio 1.0.0

On 9/1/07, Pierre-Arnaud Marcelot <pa@marcelot.net> wrote:
Hi Dev,

I think it's time to launch the vote for the release of Apache Directory Studio 1.0.0 if we want to the packages to be available for LDAPCon.

A total of 40 issues have been fixed...

Here's the changelog:
Apache Directory Studio 1.0.0

  * [DIRSTUDIO-131] - Rename package names and plugin IDs for ldap browser plugins and features
  * [DIRSTUDIO-140] - Add Eclipse Intro mecanism to the Apache Directory Studio RCP plugin
  * [DIRSTUDIO-141] - Add content to Apache Directory Studio Intro
  * [DIRSTUDIO-177] - Update dependencies on Apache DS jars

  * [DIRSTUDIO-73] - Password appears in clear
  * [DIRSTUDIO-96] - installation into existing Eclipse ruins key bindings for JDT
  * [DIRSTUDIO-101] - Configuration lost on brutal exit
  * [DIRSTUDIO-110] - No DIT shown when opening a connection with the 'open' icon
  * [DIRSTUDIO-117] - Double click attribute to rename entry displays two dialog boxes
  * [DIRSTUDIO-127] - Missing ASL 2.0 headers in package-info.java files for ACIEditor
  * [DIRSTUDIO-149] - Problems with the slash / in DN
  * [DIRSTUDIO-168] - NPE when opening search dialog and connection is closed
  * [DIRSTUDIO-172] - Syntax length definitions in schemas exported from LDAP Studio throws exception on Apache DS start-up.

  * [DIRSTUDIO-47] - Improve filter widget and filter editor dialog
  * [DIRSTUDIO-67] - Clear "Modification Logs" functionality missing
  * [DIRSTUDIO-75] - Improve LDAP Studio build system
  * [DIRSTUDIO-93] - Add server detection for ApacheDS and TivoliDS on RootDSE property page
  * [DIRSTUDIO-99] - Display both OID and text for controls etc. in the property page of the Root DSE
  * [DIRSTUDIO-102] - Add descriptions for OIDs for LDAP controls and extended ops specific to IBM Tivoli Directory Server
  * [DIRSTUDIO-103] - Include Apache brand in splash screen of RCP application
  * [DIRSTUDIO-104] - Add "Apache" prefix to window title of RCP Application
  * [DIRSTUDIO-105] - Add descriptions for OIDs for LDAP controls and extended ops specific to Netscape Directory Server
  * [DIRSTUDIO-106] - Add descriptions for OIDs for LDAP controls and extended ops specific to MS Active Directory
  * [DIRSTUDIO-108] - Superlasses
  * [DIRSTUDIO-122] - Schema editor should allow a user to add an OID in the Syntax input box
  * [DIRSTUDIO-125] - Bootstrap Ivy
  * [DIRSTUDIO-151] - Simplify IValueEditor interface
  * [DIRSTUDIO-158] - Create a separte connection plugin
  * [DIRSTUDIO-165] - Add the version number of Apache Directory Studio in the "About window" of the RCP application
  * [DIRSTUDIO-169] - Make connection parameters editable even if the connection is opened
  * [DIRSTUDIO-174] - Use an unique ID as connection identifier instead of the connection name

New Feature
  * [DIRSTUDIO-90] - Add a Welcome view that is displayed at first launch

  * [DIRSTUDIO-113] - Rename "LDAP Studio" to "Apache Directory Studio"
  * [DIRSTUDIO-129] - Rename project names in trunk
  * [DIRSTUDIO-130] - Rename package names and plugin IDs
  * [DIRSTUDIO-159] - Create a separte feature project for the LDIF Editor
  * [DIRSTUDIO-175] - Verify and add if needed the Notice.txt and Licence.txt files of all plugins
  * [DIRSTUDIO-176] - Edit Release Notes.txt files for the 1.0 release
  * [DIRSTUDIO-178] - Edit features and update site with the new update site URL

  * [DIRSTUDIO-100] - Interface IRootDSE does not sufficiently define return values of methods

The code is complete, but I just need to update, tonight and tomorrow morning, the documentation that will be bundled with the Schema Editor.

The packages are available for testing on the nightly build system Chris has set up.

Let's vote now:
[ ] +1 Release Apache Directory Studio 1.0.0
[ ] +/-0 Abstain
[ ] -1 Do not release Apache Directory Studio 1.0.0



Ersin Er