I can talk for hours about the following:


On 8/26/07, Alex Karasulu <akarasulu@apache.org> wrote:
Hi all,

I know many of us will be at the LDAP conference  [0]. This is a great opportunity for us to get
together and discuss the various issues we have to confront and the technologies we can use
for them. I'm not referring to specific initiatives like replication etc that only a few use but rather
issues and choices we are going to have to make that effect us all as a team like:

Testing (these itests take too long)
Container Approach
Refactoring the Core
RoadMap and Scrum Process

(Please add to this list if you have more topic ideas)

The idea here is to have each person look into some technology that might help in one or more of
these areas.  We all don't have time to investigate everything like GBeans, XBean, OSGi etc for
the container approach.  However a couple of us can learn one approach we can take and give a
quick 10-15 minute presentation on it explaining the technology and it's benefits.  After
presentations on each subject we can step back and look at the subject together so we can
spend some time disucssing how to use the various technologies and talk about pros/cons for
each.  We don't need to make technical or project decisions but we can educate each other and
discuss applicability.

What we can do is meet in a hotel room or conference room in the hotel after the conference has
finished for after hours drinks and snacks.  Perhaps we might not want to do this if we're going
to hang out with some folks from the conference after hours.  I don't know but I thought it was
still worth posting the idea of such a thing.  If you guys are interested I'd like to start having each
of us pick something to research that we can discuss.

For me:

   JUnit 4.4

I would like to look into JUnit 4.4 and XBean to figure out how we can tackle some issues with
testing and containers respectively.