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From "Alex Karasulu" <>
Subject [RESULTS] [VOTE] Applying large scale changes to 1.5.x branch (trunk)
Date Fri, 28 Sep 2007 22:36:45 GMT
We officially closed this vote at 2pm EST.

Here are the votes for applying large scale changes:

   Chris Custine
   Alex Karasulu
   Stefan Zoerner
   David Jencks (non-binding)

Although Emmanuel voted for not having large scale changes I think he
changed his mind at some
point in other threads seeing how hard it would be to deliver the roadmap
for 2.0 by December.
However instead of putting words in your mouth Emmanuel I'll just count you
as opposed to large

This was a tough vote.  I myself was undecided for a while.  We're trying to
get stable products out
with the features our users need of them and that's a great thing.  However
sometimes the size and
scope just don't give us the ability to pull of the task in the time
alloted. Who said it's easy to build
an LDAP server and since we're the first Java LDAP server that makes it even

Let's do it right and shoot for a release before Apache Conference Europe
next year.  Then we're have
something big to talk about.

This vote does not solve our problems though.  We still have to define the
roadmap and agree to it
and find someone to keep us honest making sure that we make our dates.  So
this is just a realization
and not the solution to our problems.

Personally I'm pretty excited because now we have some juicy problems to
confront and no more excuses
to put them off since we now have the freedom to aggressively confront

Let's do it!!!


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