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From David Jencks <>
Subject [bigbang] Suggestions on how to proceed
Date Sat, 29 Sep 2007 20:02:23 GMT
Following Alex's suggestion I've been looking at the  
AuthenticatorConfiguration and have some suggestions as to steps to  
follow.  It looks to me as if there are several layers of  
questionable configuration decisions to rectify and probably doing  
the work systematically will be quicker and less confusing.

So far I see two layers of fixes to do:  the <T> components are  
configured through a <T>Configuration object, and the set of <T? 
Configuration objects is held by the ServerStartupConfiguration  
rather than the component that is actually going to be using the <T>  
components at runtime.

So here's what I'm thinking of...

[0] open a jira indicating which <T> I'm working on :-)

[1] remove the <T>Configuration objects so the <T> components can be  
configured directly.  The set of <T> components will still be held by  
the ServerStartupConfiguration at this stage.

[2] move the <T> components from ServerStartupConfiguration to  
whatever component is actually using the <T> at runtime.

For instance,  the Authenticators are used by the  
AuthenticationService  interceptor at runtime, so in step  
2<Authenticator> I'll move the Set<Authenticator> from  
ServerStartupConfiguration to AuthenticationService.

Looking back I see that I only did steps 0 and 1 for Interceptors so  
I will go back and do step 2 for that also.

Make sense?

david jencks

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