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From "Enrique Rodriguez" <>
Subject Re: NTP integraion test added (was Re: [ApacheDS] Mini-roadmap for protocol work)
Date Sun, 30 Sep 2007 21:45:02 GMT
On 9/30/07, Stefan Zoerner <> wrote:
> Emmanuel Lecharny wrote:
> >> * Should I create the tests in Big Bang or the 1.5 trunk?
> >
> > Add them in trunk, because we need them in trunk, but as we will merge
> > them with bigbang and the way out, at the end of the day, it makes no
> > difference...
> Thanks Emmanuel!
> I have added a simple integration test for the NTP server here

This is a really nice test.  In particular, it fills a gap between
unit tests and the integration tests in server-unit, providing full
server tests, including codecs.  The tests I added for Kerberos tested
at the IoHandler level and thus did not test the codecs.  I will start
to use something more like what Stefan worked out for the other

One issue, because this came up earlier this summer, is that when you
get the loopback address, the best practice is to use 'null' as the
hostname.  'null' will explicitly return the loopback address and
avoid any issues with misconfigured hosts files that could cause the
tests to fail.  I've tested this on Sun and IBM and it should work
given a read of Harmony source.

>From the javadocs:

"If the host is null then an InetAddress  representing an address of
the loopback interface is returned. "


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