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From Stefan Zoerner <>
Subject ServiceConfiguration vs. NtpConfiguration
Date Sat, 29 Sep 2007 18:55:15 GMT
Hi all!

Due to the nice XBean documentation feature David depicted in his mails 
I learned that the NTP configuration carries 12 values

bufferSize 	 int 	
catalogBaseDn 	java.lang.String 	
enabled 	boolean 	
initialContextFactory 	java.lang.String 	
ipAddress 	java.lang.String 	
ipPort 	int 	
searchBaseDn 	java.lang.String 	
securityAuthentication 	java.lang.String 	
securityCredentials 	java.lang.String 	
securityPrincipal 	java.lang.String 	
serviceName 	java.lang.String 	
servicePid 	java.lang.String 	

Only some them seem te be used (ipPort, serviceName, servicePid), most 
of them are not. Does it really make sense to derive NtpConfiguration 
from a base ServiceConfiguration (javadoc: Base class shared by all 
protocol providers for configuration.), if there are only a minoriry of 
the attributes in common?

Maybe it is handy to have a common abstraction for all protocol provider 
configurations. But if we generate the documentation from the beans, and 
attributes are listed for NTP (or any other protocol) which are not used 
at all (including the default documentation text), it will look quite 
confusing to the users.

Perhaps we can introduce a base class called MinimalServiceConfiguration 
   and derive both NtpConfiguration and ServiceConfiguration (probably 
other name) from it ...

Or do I miss something?


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