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From Stefan Seelmann <>
Subject Re: [IDE] Eclipse with mylyn
Date Sat, 15 Sep 2007 21:22:39 GMT

I played a bit with eclipse 3.3 and mylyn. In my opinion it is useful,
I'll continue to work with it.

To make it working with our Jira it is important to install the current
2.1 Milestone. Just use the Eclipse update manager and add these two
Update URLs:
Mylyn extras:
Select all features in Mylyn and at least the Jira Connector in Mylyn

The first thing to do is to add Apache's Jira to the "Task
Repositories", so open that view and add a new repository.

Then you could open the "Task List" view and add a "Query". I added a
"My Open Issues" query with all open issues assigned to me. The query
then lists all Jira issues as tasks and the tasks could be viewed and
edited within eclipse. It is also possible to create a new Jira. Here
are some example screenshots:

A useful thing is that you could "Activate" a task (=Jira issue). Mylyn
remembers all the classes, methods and files you are using/editing in
this task. Then you could switch to another task and back again and all
your edited classes and files are opened again.

If you use the Subversive (or Subclipse) plugin to connect to svn there
is another nice feature. Changes could be grouped by tasks (changes
sets). If you work on multiple Jiras mylyn helps you to commit only the
changes that are related to a specific Jira. See here:

Here are some resources:
- An article in two parts:
- A webinar (one year old, but shows the idea behind mylyn):
- User's guide


> Hi there,
> Has anyone tried eclipse with mylyn and connected to JIRA? 
> Just curious if this is a useful tool.  Looking for feedback from others. 
> Also what eclipse distribution is everyone using now that eclipse comes
> in many
> flavors.  I use the Classic one. Is anyone using the one for Java
> developers?
> Alex

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