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From Emmanuel Lecharny <>
Subject [Post 1.5.1 release]
Date Sun, 02 Sep 2007 09:41:27 GMT
Hi guys,

we are almost done with 1.5.1 release (it's just a matter of a few hours 
before we annouce it). I would like to give you some perspective about 
the next release (1.5.2), as we will have to work hard to deliver it in 
a few weeks.

As stated, the 1.5.1 should have been released much sooner, but we 
didn't. Let's try to deliver 1.5.2 by mid october.

1) Open issues
Here are some infos about the open bugs for 1.5.2 :

Total number of issues : 85

bugs                : 29 (B:3, C:3, M:20, m:2, T:1)
improvements : 28 (C:2, M:12, m:12, T:2)
new features   : 17 (C:1, M:10, m:6)
tasks               : 9 (C:1, M:5, m:2, T:1)
wishes             : 2 (M:1, m:1)

(B = Blocking, C = Critical, M = Major, m = minor, T = Trivial)

More than 100 issues have been fixed in 1.5.1, we will for sure hit the 
same number for 1.5.2. FYI, here are the numbers we get for 1.5.1 :
Total number of issues : 106

bugs                : 61 (B:9, C:4, M:39, m:9)
improvements : 27 (C:1, M:15, m:9, T:2)
new features   : 13 (M:7, m:6)
tasks               : 3 (M:3)
wishes             : 2 (M:1, T:1)

As you can see, we have twice the number of bugs in 1.5.0 than in 1.5.1. 
This is quite a good news.

2) Process

The next release should be smoother than this one. We were in a hurry, 
many of us were having vacations, some of us had personnal issues to 
deal with. This is unavoidable, but we should be carefull when planning 
a release during summer, easter or christmas. It would also be 
interesting that active committers give a planning of their vacations 
when we try to define a release schedule.

It leads me to the next point : we may need a release manager for the 
last month before a release. The release manager role is quite easy, 
it's a kind of project manager. Dealing with planning, tasks, missing 
committers with an affected task, postponing tasks which can't be done 
by the milestone, stuff like that. The difference with real life 
projects is that we are all volunteers, so all 'resources' are not 
available on call.

3) Next release
I'm not sure we will add a lot of features in this next release, in my 
mind it would be much more a bug fix release. But it's not just about 
me, we need to discuss it.

For sure, we need 1.5.2 before ApacheCon US (Nov, 12-17). I'm not sure 
that any of us is going to Atlanta (may be David ?), but it's important 
to keep those Apache Conference as milestones for releases, as they are 
the place we can announce novelties and benefits from the ApacheCon buzz.

I would like to get 1.5.2 certified with the STANDARD compliance. I 
think it's possible, but we have to do a round trip with OG, as I 
_think_ that there are some bugs in their tests (to be confirmed).

We should also conduct real perfomance test, and compare ADS with 
previous versions (1.0.3, 1.5.0 and 1.5.1) and with other servers 
(OpenLdap, OpenDS and FDS). We have a load of machines, let's use them !


Ok, it's enough for me, I would like to get your feedbacks and feeling 
about this release, and about the server as a whole.

Thanks to everyone who participated on this release, especially those 
who killed themselves working hard hours in the last few days !

Thanks also to each users who endured severe bugs and filled JIRAs, to 
those who accepted to patiently wait for this release, without you, ADS 
would simply not progress !


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