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From Emmanuel Lecharny <>
Subject [VOTE] Release ADS 1.5.1
Date Sat, 01 Sep 2007 10:14:22 GMT
Hi dear ADS developpers, and users,

It's now 5 months we have release 1.5.0. The long waited 1.5.1 release 
is now ready for you to vote for it. Due to a very tight schedule, and 
after having been ACKed by the PMC, we decided to restrict the vote 
duration to 36h instead of 72h. This has been accepted, considering that 
1.5.x are not 'stable' versions, but feature adding versions ('unstable' 
does not mean that the server is unstable. It's just that the server 
features may be improved until we reach the 2.0 state)

This version is, by far, the better one we ever had : less bugs, much 
faster, better installers, more features. We are proud of it, even if 
there is a lot of room for improvement.

For people who want to give the server a try, here are the sources :

and here are the installers :

Time to vote now :
[ ] +1 : let's release this beast !
[ ] 0   : I don't really care
[ ] -1  : I don't agree, we are not ready for a release

Thanks a lot !

Special thanks to Alex who spent his full night cutting this $£#&! 
release :) I will put champagne on ice for you in Paris, we will drink 
it together next week :)

Release Notes - Directory ApacheDS - Version 1.5.1
Bugs :
DIRSERVER-169  - Incorrect SearchResult name and &quot;compare&quot; 
failure using CoreContextFactory
DIRSERVER-656  - OSGi Configuration Admin requires AUXILIARY objectclasses
DIRSERVER-751  - Jsvc fails on AMD 64-bit linux machines
DIRSERVER-757  - Attribute 'uniqueMember' allows for any string, not just DN
DIRSERVER-766  - uniqueMember attribute compare does not seem to work 
properly (uniqueMemberMatch is not implemented?)
DIRSERVER-778  - Entries cannot be named when mitosis is enabled.
DIRSERVER-853  - Ldap ref values incorrectly handled for referrals
DIRSERVER-855  - Object class &quot;objectClass&quot; is called 
&quot;ObjectClass&quot; in search results
DIRSERVER-862  - Installing 1.0.1 with RPM as root forbid the server to 
be launched
DIRSERVER-865  - errors when importing ACI from LDIF file containing tabs
DIRSERVER-884  - Authorization, Prescriptive ACI Bug - Server start 
fails on bad ACI Entry
DIRSERVER-890  - Syntax checkers are not active
DIRSERVER-891  - ACIItemSyntaxChecker accepts incomplete or invalid ACI 
DIRSERVER-895  - Servers refuse to replicate
DIRSERVER-901  - Cached credentials checking doesn't work with Hashed 
DIRSERVER-902  - Turning on DEBUG logging causes ArrayIndexOutOfBounds 
DIRSERVER-903  - SSHA and SMD5 not supported
DIRSERVER-904  - Adding two schema elements of different type with the 
same OID is allowed, but it should not
DIRSERVER-905  - Schema elements have been block added in system schema
DIRSERVER-906  - Using the textual &quot;entryACI&quot; inside the 
server is dangerous and will lead to errors
DIRSERVER-912  - prescriptivACI OID is not registred in registries
DIRSERVER-916  - SubtreeSpecificationParser and LDAP filter
DIRSERVER-925  - apacheds allows multible structural objectClasses
DIRSERVER-928  - ComparableComparator in shared yeild incorrect results 
when two objects compared are not Comparable
DIRSERVER-929  - Delete operations are not replicated
DIRSERVER-932  - Syntax Entry Attempt Gets Unexpected exception.
DIRSERVER-934  - Controls are not used into Bind request
DIRSERVER-938  - duplicate entries possible as well as null pointer on 
search using custom schema attribute in search filter
DIRSERVER-940  - Operation fails if previous operation occurred in the 
same &quot;millisecond&quot;
DIRSERVER-942  - Server Feezes When Doing
DIRSERVER-943  - Cannot run integration tests on trunk after SASL code 
DIRSERVER-945  - The base DN containing users that can be SASL 
authenticated. searchBaseDn value default to an non existent DN into the 
default ADS
DIRSERVER-951  - Negated filter on indexed attribute doesn't find 
entries without attribute
DIRSERVER-961  - Missing ASL header in classes
DIRSERVER-967  - Creating a subcontext is not possible with only a Name
DIRSERVER-973  - NPE while adding an entry in schema without an 
ObjectClass attribute
DIRSERVER-979  - apacheds-trunk/apacheds/server-main&gt; ./ 
is broken
DIRSERVER-987  - After adding a subentry it is no more possible to 
startup the server
DIRSERVER-988  - Modifications of prescriptiveACIs in Subentries are not 
handled correctly by the Authorization Subsystem
DIRSERVER-989  - allAttributeValues protected item is not handled 
correctly by the Authorization subsystem in Modify operations
DIRSERVER-996  - apacheds-tools 'dump' throws Exception
DIRSERVER-998  - Messages time out if acknowledged too quickly
DIRSERVER-1001 - Changes to userPassword attribute not reflected by 
server immediately, if performed by another user
DIRSERVER-1002 - stopping server without credentials results in NPE 
after server stops
DIRSERVER-1003 - Modifying an entry gives syntax error for 
'entryDeleted' attribute
DIRSERVER-1005 - apacheds-tools: export uses iso-8859-1 charset instead 
of utf-8
DIRSERVER-1006 - apacheds-tools.jar still using commons-logging in classpath
DIRSERVER-1007 - SimpleAuthenticator rejects cached one-way encrypted 
DIRSERVER-1011 - Rename entry gives LdapNameNotFoundException
DIRSERVER-1013 - Extra RDN attribute created
DIRSERVER-1018 - Linux init script needs message if no instance specified
DIRSERVER-1019 - Using same thread pool for I/O processing and request 
handling causes clients to hang and MINA thread pool depletion
DIRSERVER-1024 - Use maven-remote-resources-plugin to install legal 
files (LICENSE and NOTICE) in all the jar artifacts
DIRSERVER-1027 - Entries must have at least one STRUCTURAL objectClass
DIRSERVER-1029 - LdifReader changetype: modify add modifications 
attribute ID comparisons need to be case insensitive.
DIRSERVER-1033 - Timing dependent failures on BadDnTest
DIRSERVER-1034 - Can't find welcome bitmap with latest NSIS compiler
DIRSERVER-1039 - WIndows installers won't build on Windows
DIRSERVER-1041 - WIndows installer for Server has Suite bitmap on 
welcome page
DIRSERVER-1042 - Installer should require JRE, not JDK
DIRSERVER-1046 - ldifDirectory needs to be relative to instance home

Improvements :
DIRSERVER-246  - The RPM spec for installers is inefficient
DIRSERVER-621  - Adding some JVM parameters for dameon
DIRSERVER-671  - interceptor identifiers as service names: type safity
DIRSERVER-684  - Atomic operation on entries
DIRSERVER-732  - FilterParser initialized for each search
DIRSERVER-749  - fix issues with apacheds RPM to get it working out of 
the box
DIRSERVER-767  - Downgrade WARN to INFO for 'no normailizer' LOG 
messages in BootstrapAttributeTypeRegistry
DIRSERVER-808  - Modify the semantic of LdapDN.toString() method
DIRSERVER-840  - Double modification on a modify ?
DIRSERVER-883  - Improve the way Schema are loaded
DIRSERVER-897  - Support automatic centralized key generation for 
Kerberos principals
DIRSERVER-919  - Automatically reate schema entity containers when new 
schema entry is added
DIRSERVER-920  - Build RPM as non-root user
DIRSERVER-921  - init scripts don't recognize JRE 1.6
DIRSERVER-930  - rpm -e only removes the start shell script
DIRSERVER-933  - Slow searches using a non-indexed attribute in a filter
DIRSERVER-981  - Human Readible  ->>  Human Readable
DIRSERVER-991  - Abstract Stored Procedure Execution Framework used in 
the Trigger Service
DIRSERVER-994  - StoredProcedureGrammar uses direct log4j calls
DIRSERVER-995  - Consolidate slf4j dependency definitions in parent 
pom.xml files
DIRSERVER-1015 - Replace Jsvc/Procrun launchers with Tanuki Wrapper
DIRSERVER-1016 - Add Multi-home data directories (run multiple instances)
DIRSERVER-1025 - Use maven javadoc plugin
DIRSERVER-1032 - Move shared plugin dependencies into project pom.xml
DIRSERVER-1035 - Make deployment autosign and deploy artifacts with gpg, 
generate source attachments and javadoc attachments
DIRSERVER-1038 - Remove self install of Tanuki wrapper
DIRSERVER-1044 - Add ASL 2.0 license to installer artifacts (scripts, 
config, etc.)

New Features :
DIRSERVER-123  - Add support for TCP
DIRSERVER-141  - Add DES3-CBC-SHA1-KD encryption system
DIRSERVER-142  - Add support for AES encryption types
DIRSERVER-145  - Make NTP configurable
DIRSERVER-153  - Make encryption system selection configurable
DIRSERVER-277  - Add SASL GSSAPI (Kerberos V5) mechanism support
DIRSERVER-278  - Add SASL support to LDAP
DIRSERVER-626  - Would like an option allowing attribute id 
case-sensitivity to be preserved
DIRSERVER-765  - Create RPM with jpackage
DIRSERVER-863  - Add SASL DIGEST-MD5 mechanism support
DIRSERVER-864  - Add SASL CRAM-MD5 mechanism support
DIRSERVER-867  - Return populated supportedSASLMechanisms attribute
DIRSERVER-1037 - x86_64 64-bit RPM installer

Tasks :
DIRSERVER-799  - Check attributes syntax
DIRSERVER-1021 - Upgrade from MINA 1.0.3 to MINA 1.1.2 to do away with 
old concurrent jar and use 1.5 classes
DIRSERVER-1028 - Upgrading dependencies and maven plugins

Wishes :
DIRSERVER-763  - Support for migrating from RC1 to 1.0 - 
NullPointerException in
DIRSERVER-977  - Change top level artifactId for apacheds, daemon, 
shared, etc.

Emmanuel Lécharny

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