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From "Chris Custine" <>
Subject Re: [LDAP] [Conference] Doing a dinner and learning session?
Date Sun, 02 Sep 2007 20:40:52 GMT
I can talk for hours about the following:

   - OSGi
   - Spring Framework
   - Spring-OSGi


On 8/26/07, Alex Karasulu <> wrote:
> Hi all,
> I know many of us will be at the LDAP conference  [0]. This is a great
> opportunity for us to get
> together and discuss the various issues we have to confront and the
> technologies we can use
> for them. I'm not referring to specific initiatives like replication etc
> that only a few use but rather
> issues and choices we are going to have to make that effect us all as a
> team like:
> Testing (these itests take too long)
> Container Approach
> Refactoring the Core
> RoadMap and Scrum Process
> Builds
> Documentation
> (Please add to this list if you have more topic ideas)
> The idea here is to have each person look into some technology that might
> help in one or more of
> these areas.  We all don't have time to investigate everything like
> GBeans, XBean, OSGi etc for
> the container approach.  However a couple of us can learn one approach we
> can take and give a
> quick 10-15 minute presentation on it explaining the technology and it's
> benefits.  After
> presentations on each subject we can step back and look at the subject
> together so we can
> spend some time disucssing how to use the various technologies and talk
> about pros/cons for
> each.  We don't need to make technical or project decisions but we can
> educate each other and
> discuss applicability.
> What we can do is meet in a hotel room or conference room in the hotel
> after the conference has
> finished for after hours drinks and snacks.  Perhaps we might not want to
> do this if we're going
> to hang out with some folks from the conference after hours.  I don't know
> but I thought it was
> still worth posting the idea of such a thing.  If you guys are interested
> I'd like to start having each
> of us pick something to research that we can discuss.
> For me:
>    XBean
>    JUnit 4.4
> I would like to look into JUnit 4.4 and XBean to figure out how we can
> tackle some issues with
> testing and containers respectively.
> Alex

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