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From "Yeliz Eseryel" <>
Subject [research] Connection between SVN mailing list and JIRA.
Date Wed, 26 Sep 2007 03:42:45 GMT
Hi guys,
I am trying to link the changes that are made in SVN, that are
reported through SVN mailing list and the issues that are opened and
closed in JIRA. I couldn't see an ID or anything that seems to be
common among the two. Do you have any ideas how I can link the two

Also generally, do the people who commit changes to SVN go ahead and
update JIRA? or is it typically someone else who does the updating (I
am not asking about the ideal case of what should happen. I am asking
about what is typically happening today.)


Yeliz Eseryel
Ph.D Student in Information Science & Technology
Syracuse University School of Information Studies


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