NOTE: I put this out there on the dev list purposely so all can see.

This is a special request to the PMC to keep the voting period down to 36 hrs instead of
72 for the 1.5.1 release.  It is an exceptional condition and this is not something we will get
into a habit of doing. I am asking this for several reasons:

 o We have a tight release schedule
 o Most of us will be traveling and need a quick conclusion to the vote so we may be present to
    release the artifacts properly
 o If there is a blip that requires fixes followed by another release vote, then we will still have a
    chance at making this all happen in time for LDAP con.
 o This is a feature introduction release (NOT a production release)
 o Most of the binding voters are going to be release artifact testers who are diligently testing
    installers, servers and apps as we speak: so waiting on them to test the goods is not an

Can we get a majority of the PMC to quickly +1 (approve) this request?