No problem let's kick off the vote Friday evening for Directory Studio 1.0 but this
means we need the installers for them Friday at the time the vote is kicked off so
people can review.  Then we have a 3 day wait.  Then we can push to mirrors which
put's us on the 3rd of September.  Then there is some time for the mirrors to sync which
put's us on the 4th. 

I think this is ok and in time for the conference.  So yep it's all good.


On 8/27/07, Pierre-Arnaud Marcelot <> wrote:

On 8/27/07, Alex Karasulu <> wrote:
Ok I just realized something.  Well it will be based on the answer to this question:

     Do we need a final LDAP 1.0 Studio Installer built to buid the bundled installer?

If so we need to tag LDAP Studio I guess too before we can kick off the vote to
release the bundled installer.  This is because we cannot offer up the bundle
installer for the vote until we have tagged and built both ADS and 1.0 Studio

However it seems Studio is almost ready too to be tagged right? We moved the
schema push to another release so now we should be able to freeze and tag fast.

We're a little far of a possible tag tonight. We have to bundle a lot of things first and we still have to fix a few remaining issues.
I also would like to include the schema push in this release... I'm getting very close now and it's just a matter of ordering the requests in the proper order.

As we've discussed on IM, we could set a deadline for Friday. We could launch the on Friday evening.