Actually we can do it on any day you like but I really like the idea of doing it on Wednesday
night if you can come earlier because this is the best night which is not on a conference night.

Thursday will be hectic with meeting all sorts of LDAP people and I would not like to pull anyone
away from shmoozing etc.  And Friday is when all are leaving.  So the best day really is
Wednesday night.


On 8/26/07, Stefan Zoerner <> wrote:
Hi Alex!

Do you think about the evening of September 05 (Wednesday) or September
06 (Thursday)? Or both? I have not decided on which day I'll arrive
(Wednesday eve or Thursday morning), but these "sessions" would probably
influence me.

I like your idea of discussing things, the opportunity of so many people
grouped together in one location is quite attractive. Although I am
mostly interested in getting to know all of them (I have not seen
anybody from the project face to face yet). Besides that I am interested
in the documentation and the testing area.

I will probably not be able to prepare anything, because the book is
still not finished yet (sh...). But if anybody is interested, I can
share my Open Group/LDAP certification knowledge, which would apply to
the testing area to some degree.

See you near the cathedral