Hi Emmanuel,

On 8/26/07, Emmanuel Lecharny <elecharny@gmail.com> wrote:
Hi Alex,

looking at the logs, I can tell you that I never touched BadDN  at
all, except to update the headers, and that the test has been
commented on feb 2006 by you. I have no idea why.

Hehe I thought you wrote this for 1033 in fact.  Ok cool perhaps we
can consolidate tests for bad DN values into this test or move its
tests somewhere else removing the whole test class?

We can for sure create a new test for malformed DNs, and find better
names, it could help. Tell me if you want me to do it on monday.

Hey if you're interested go for it.  

However, I have to thank you for having fixed DIRSERVER-1033, because
you fixed a bug which was not exactly easy to find !

Hey thanks!  This thing took me like over 4 hours.  The bug was sooo unrelated to the
behavoir it threw me off for a while.


On 8/26/07, Alex Karasulu < akarasulu@apache.org> wrote:
> Hey Emmanuel,
> While looking at the BadDnItest in server-unit I noticed that the DNs are OK
> but really are
> just non-existent DNs.  Perhaps we can name the methods so this is more
> clear and add
> the test case for the malformed DN.
> At this point I think your malformed DN test is commented out.  I did not
> know if you left it
> this way purposfully but I got worried since you marked the JIRA issue as
> fixed.  Perhaps
> you just forgot this commented?
> Alex

Emmanuel Lécharny