I guess we took care of this today - it was deployed with 4 hr ack from the


On 8/24/07, David Jencks < david_jencks@yahoo.com> wrote:
I've been talking about moving the pluginManagement stuff thats
required for any reasonable build and shared between apacheds,
shared, and daemon into the parent project pom.xml to reduce
duplication and help make it easier to keep all the subprojects on
the same versions.

I've committed what I suggest for the project pom in rev 569273.  It
currently has version 8-SNAPSHOT.
I've attached the changes to the apacheds, shared, and daemon parent
poms to DIRSERVER-1032.

IIUC the process for the project pom correctly, publishing the new
project pom requires one +1 vote from a PMC member, at which time I
can use the maven release plugin to publish the project pom.  This
will result in it getting a version number of 8.  Presumably after
waiting a few hours for it to get mirrored I can then change the
subproject parent poms to use version 8 and commit my changes to them.

So... is this reasonable?  Anyone want to vote :-) ?

many thanks
david jencks

p.s.  I did not include the antlr plugin config in the project pom
because it's only used in a few modules and I wonder if a move to
antlr 3 is in the works.