Yeah Pierre I don't think we're observing these.  Let's put this into JIRA.  Schedule it for 1.5.1 too - if E decides to push it back to 1.5.2 we'll do that.  Shoot for the stars and maybe we can get to the moon.


On 8/24/07, Pierre-Arnaud Marcelot <> wrote:
Hi Dev,

As I'm working on the SchemaChecker for the Schema Editor Plugin for Apache Directory Studio, i'm reading the corresponding RFCs.

I was wondering if Apache DS implements the recommendations of theses RFCs.

From RFC 4512, about attribute types:
An attribute type (a subtype) may derive from a more generic

attribute type (a direct supertype). The following restrictions
apply to subtyping:

- a subtype must have the same usage as its direct supertype,
- a subtype's syntax must be the same, or a refinement of, its

supertype's syntax, and
- a subtype must be collective [ RFC3671
] if its supertype is

Are these checks done by the Schema Checker ?

If not, I'll create a Jira for it.