Thanks Enrique, we can use all the help we can get. 


On 8/18/07, Enrique Rodriguez < > wrote:
On 8/17/07, Alex Karasulu < > wrote:
> ...
> Emmanuel and I are spending time sifting through this stuff so you don't
> have to but
> a few minutes of your time could save us a lot of JIRA greif.  So please
> take a minute
> to query the JIRA issues for 1.5.1 to see which ones have your names on them
> as
> either the reporter or the person assigned to fix them.  See if you can give
> us a hint
> as to what remains.  E and I already cleaned up a bunch of stuff so this
> should not
> take much time.
> ...

I know quite a few of these are mine (both Major and others).  I'll
have a chance this weekend (hopefully tomorrow (Saturday)) to go
through them.