I just spend a few hours reviewing all the JIRA issues we have slotted for the 1.5.1
release.  Several of them were made by committers on this project and just a few from

Users and committers alike we need your help to get status on some issues and to
determine what you would like us to do with these issues.  Some may need to be
postponed because of the amount of work they need and some may just be invalid
or have already been fixed.

Emmanuel and I are spending time sifting through this stuff so you don't have to but
a few minutes of your time could save us a lot of JIRA greif.  So please take a minute
to query the JIRA issues for 1.5.1 to see which ones have your names on them as
either the reporter or the person assigned to fix them.  See if you can give us a hint
as to what remains.  E and I already cleaned up a bunch of stuff so this should not
take much time.

1.5.1 JIRA issues remaining:

Thanks in advance,