Hi Randy,

I am glad to hear about your interest in ApacheDS and your wish to contribute. 
Let me answer some of your questions inline ...

On 8/8/07, Randy Motluck <randy.motluck@gmail.com> wrote:
So, I have never contributed / commited to any open source project.

No problem there's always a first time :).

I am looking to possibly make some additions to Apache DS.  I see that I need to use my svn cilent to make a patch an submit that as a 'contributor' to a 'commiter' that will review and submit the changes.


My question is: Where does that get sent?  Does that go to a particular mail address(individual), or to the dev list?

Well the best way to do this is to create a JIRA issue.  If you have a fix for a bug or a
feature mark the issue respectively. Then just attach your patch to that issue.

Although some emails get sent automatically to inform us of JIRA activity it might also be
a good idea to post an email to this list with a link to your JIRA issue.  Perhaps this might
generate some good discussions around your concerns as well.

I did not see the last step anywhere -- or I missed it reading over the general Apache stuff.  Perhaps its individual per Apache project?

That might very well be the case.  There is some variability there for each project.  However
I think JIRA is a great interface for holding your contributions.