I have created a basic T-Shirt design for the Apache Directory project if anyone wants to check them out.

For the time being I decided to stick with a basic design with the ASF logo and the Directory logo, but if you guys want to see more detail or something specific we still have plenty of time to figure it out and have some printed before LDAPCon.  This online shirt printer (Printfection) is only a few miles from me, so I get them printed and delivered in less than a few days with no shipping cost.  I am hosting them on my personal store for now but I have no markup on the shirts so the prices listed are the cost for small quantity orders.

I am planning on ordering around 10 to take with me to LDAPCon for all of the project members who are there so if we all agree on a design and you let me know your size preference I will wash them and bring some with me so that they are ready to wear.