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From "Emmanuel Lecharny" <>
Subject Re: English texts
Date Tue, 28 Aug 2007 22:52:03 GMT
Hi Sebastian,

sorry for the delay, this is a tought period for us as we are just in
the middle of a couple of release (1.5.1 and Apace Studio 1.0). We
have also a hell lot of paperwork to do related to those releases, and
a couple of our main committers are on vacations.

We have a couple of things to do to grant you an access to our wiki :
- we need you to fax a CLA which give Apache the IP over your
translations. This document can be found here : Soory about this paperwork, but
this is the only way for us to avoid painfull IP issues. If you don't
feel like feeling this form, and send a fax to Apache, you can also
create your translation as plain text and paste them as patches in
JIRA (as you have to grant ASF the whole IP for any attachement, this
is plain ok, except that we will have to inject your patches into our
- As soon as we have this fax on our records (it usually takes a
couple of days, may be more), we can grant you some write access to
our wiki (confluence)
- but we also have to be sure that we can add multiple versions
(languages versions) on each page. This is clearly possible, but I
have currently no iead how to do it :)

Ok, it seems heavy, cumbersome and boring, but we have to go through
this kind of process... If you want, we can help you step by step, but
in the mean time, the pages to be translated are those you can find on
our web site :

You can start with the basic users guide, there are around 40 pages...

ALl the other documentation may not be complete, so it will take us
some time to reach completeness. At some point, you may suggest some
improvement, or some new pages (in english :), and this will be very
welcomed !

Thanks a lot Sebastian !

On 8/29/07, Sebastian Stranieri
<> wrote:
> Hey guys,
> Im waiting your instructions to start the translate process, please tell me
> ;)
> Sebas

Emmanuel L├ęcharny

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