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From "Emmanuel Lecharny" <>
Subject [1.5.1] Blockers and Critical issues
Date Wed, 15 Aug 2007 23:55:43 GMT
Hi guys,

I have done my homeworks and browsed JIRA to harvest the bugs we still
have. The bad news is that we have a lot of them, the good news is
that we only have 2 blockrs and 1 criticals remaining. Here they are :

1.5.1 issues :
2 blockers
4 criticals
48 majors
10 minors
1 trivial

Only 30 are bugs.

_but_ since 1.5.0,
63 fixed issues, out of it :
6 were blockers,
4 were criticals,
33 were majors
18 were minors
and 3 were trivials

Remaining blockers :
* [DIRSERVER-832] - Added Attributes are all case sensitive

This issue's title is deceptive... The pb is much wider than simply
case sensitivity. I'm not sure it can be fixed in 1.5.1, if we are to
realease before the end of august. I would suggest a postpone.

* [DIRSERVER-951] - Negated filter on indexed attribute doesn't find
entries without attribute
Not an easy one, but we can expect to fix it for 1.5.1. Anyone ?

Remaining criticals :
Out of 4 criticals, we have only 1 bug, otherwise there are 2 tasks
and one improvement.

* [DIRSERVER-928] - Comparator may fail
This is a class which is instanciated 25 times in the code, when we
need a comparator for a specific Attribute. I think we should use a
specific comparator instead of this generic one, because its logic is
broken : if none of the objects implement Comparable, then it ends
with a o1.hashCode() - o2.hashCode(). The pb is that it's not because
o1.hashCode() == o2.hashCode() that both objects are equals...

Remaining majors :
23 of those guys, if we consider only the bugs. I will create a
commented list tomorrow, but the best would be to check on JIRA.

Emmanuel L├ęcharny

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