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From "Ersin Er" <>
Subject Re: [LDAP][Client] Slick idea for a CLI based client
Date Wed, 29 Aug 2007 14:48:39 GMT

That's a good idea. You had partially wrote it down here before:

This can be considered both as a command line to The Studio or as a general
LDAP command line client. One point I want to make here is that one of the
reasons that makes adoption of RDBMS is its easy use with text based
clients, IMO. So having such a tool should help LDAP be used more where it
is appropriate.

On 8/29/07, Alex Karasulu <> wrote:
> A while back I posted some Confluence pages about writing a command line
> yet interactive
> LDAP client called LDAP shell.  I never really got any comments about it.
> I just thought
> it might be worth while putting out the idea again on this email channel.
> The concept is simple and one that everyone on the command line is pretty
> much used to.
> A shell.  Users log into an LDAP server and have a command prompt where
> they can:
>  o CD into any ldap context using relative or absolute distinguished names
>  o LS within a server entry to list it's children if any (use -R to change
> scope :))
>  o CAT to print the contents of an entry to the console
>  o LESS to pan through contents
>  o VI, ED to edit the contents and save
>  o PUSHD to push a DN onto the stack
>  o POPD to pop a DN off of the stack and CD into it
>  o MV to modifyDn on an entry
>  o CP to copy an entry
> Yep all the shell built-ins you're used to in bourne or bourne again
> shells should be there.  The
> only difference in the commands are that they apply to a different naming
> system than the UNIX
> file system path syntax.
> The idea here is to enable LDAP scripting for those who already know how
> to script in shells.
> Furthermore these deterministic scripts can be transformed into code that
> can be pushed into
> the server as stored procedures.
> Also Directory Studio can use this as an LDAP console.  You don't need to
> just be in a shell
> to utilize this neat little client.  Studio's browser can select nodes in
> the tree to represent
> the path of working directory ($PWD).  As the user navigates through the
> LDAP shell Studio's
> browser can give them cues on their position and where they can go. Drag
> and drop can be
> used to move nodes in the browser into the shell which will list the DN of
> the node dropped in.
> Selected a node in the browser can automatically CD users into that entry.
> Is this a crazy idea? Thoughts?
> Alex

Ersin Er

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