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From David Jencks <>
Subject Re: [Triplesec] Thinking of a quick rewrite
Date Fri, 10 Aug 2007 21:15:38 GMT

On Aug 10, 2007, at 1:56 PM, Alex Karasulu wrote:

> <big snip>
> That's quite useful but not quite definitive :-).  I guess the  
> first thing is to check if triplesec trunk has update the  
> oids...looks like "no".
> I don't think it has so yes you are right.  It is using a Safehaus  
> based OID branch.
> So should triplesec (lets assume we can merge our efforts) get
> and then
>  	 ApacheDS LDAP Schema syntaxes
> 	ApacheDS LDAP Schema matchingRules
>  	ApacheDS LDAP Schema attributeTypes
> 	ApacheDS LDAP Schema objectClasses
> 	ApacheDS LDAP Schema dITStructureRules
> 	ApacheDS LDAP Schema nameForms
> where X == 6 for the different types?
> is the branch you are creating for  
> Triplesec?  If you take another
> look at the document we already allocated as  
> the Tsec base.  You
> can then assign various kinds of schema elements to OIDs off this  
> base.  Here's what I
> would do:
> 	 Tsec LDAP Schema syntaxes
> 	 Tsec LDAP Schema matchingRules
> 	 Tsec LDAP Schema attributeTypes
> 	 Tsec LDAP Schema objectClasses
> 	 Tsec LDAP Schema dITStructureRules
> 	 Tsec LDAP Schema nameForms

I'm happy to use these but.... right below where the page suggests as the tsec base it says "um, that's not a good  
idea, even better...." and says should be for  
ApacheDS LDAP Extended Operations

I followed what I thought the second suggestion was.  I'm happy with  
either scheme or yet a third one.... let me know.  I think it might  
be a good idea for this page to have clearer advice :-)

david jencks
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