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From David Jencks <>
Subject Re: Geronimo plugin for apacheds 1.5.0
Date Fri, 10 Aug 2007 20:50:57 GMT

On Aug 10, 2007, at 1:24 PM, Stefan Zoerner wrote:

> David Jencks wrote:
>> I thought people here might like to know that I recently updated  
>> Geronimo's apacheds support from where it's been stuck in pre-1.0  
>> land to 1.5.0/1.5.1 and made it a plugin for easier updating.
> This is really good news! Thanks to you, David.
> I have downloaded the current Geronimo 2.0 milestone (M6) and was  
> able to browse to the plugin entry for ApacheDS 1.0

I didn't know about any such plugin -- where did you find it?
> Please note that the URL used in the description
> does not work any longer. Is it possible to change it to
> which will likely be stable for a long time?

I don't know... I'm not sure where that plugin came from, it's not  
the one I worked on :-)
>> It works best with geronimo trunk (I found a couple of errors in  
>> the 2.0 plugin installer right after the release was cut) but can  
>> be made to work in 2.0.  I expect after 2.0 is actually out we'll  
>> try to iron out the wrinkles in the geronimo plugin system and  
>> actually release this, it will be the first official geronimo  
>> plugin release (separate from a server release).
> I must confess that I have not informed myself about the plugin  
> features of G. The installation with M6 does not work, because all  
> plugins say ("(Not available; View Details)"). Does this mean I  
> have to build the trunk of G, as you have pointed out?

The plugin features of geronimo don't work all that well yet, and the  
plugin I worked on for geronimo 2+ and apacheds 1.5.0 isn't released  
yet.  It's significantly easier to get the plugin to run on geronimo  
trunk or the branches/2.0 versions than the about-to-be-officially- 
released (we hope) geronimo 2.0 which unfortunately has a couple of  
bugs in the plugin installer that I discovered a few minutes after  
the release was tagged.

Here's what to do:

geronimo: get 2.0 or build server/trunk or server/branches/2.0

plugin: check out and build plugins/directory/trunk (for apacheds  
1.5.1-SNAPSHOT) or plugins/directory/branches/2.0 (for apacheds 1.5.0).

make your local maven repo look like a geronimo plugin repo:  When  
you built the plugin, maven will have copied a file geronimo- 
plugin.xml to  directory/target/classes/META-INF/geronimo- 
plugin.xml.  Copy this file to ~/.m2/repository/geronimo-plugins.xml  
and edit it so it looks like:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<geronimo-plugin-list xmlns=" 

     <name>Apache Directory 1.5.1-SNAPSHOT for Geronimo</name>

If you are using geronimo 2.0, change
         <gbean xmlns=""
             <attribute name="configFile">var/directory/server.xml</ 

         <gbean xmlns=""
             <attribute name="configFile">var/directory/server.xml</ 

(different namespace)

ok... now for the fireworks :-)
Start geronimo and look in the admin console under "plugins".  Click  
the "add new plugin repository" link and add the file:// url for your  
local maven repo: for me it's file://Users/david/.m2/repository

Now click the Search For Plugins button and you should get a page  
with the directory plugin shown.  If not there might be something  
wrong with  the "supported versions" in the geronimo-plugin.xml, try  
editiing it to whatever version you are using.  Click the install  
buttons at the bottom of the pages until if finally installs....

On branches/2.0 and trunk the plugin should install and start without  
problems.  You can check by looking at the bottom of the System  
Modules page.  On 2.0, you have to do some more work.

from the root of your geronimo install:
mkdir var/directory
cp  repository/org/apache/geronimo/plugins/directory/2.0-SNAPSHOT/ var/directory/server.xml

Now you should be able to start the plugin from the system modules  
page in the admin console.

I checked that it was working ok by using LDAP Studio to connect: I  
could see some plausible entries and appeared to be able to add and  
edit entries, so I figured it was working properly.

Obviously this procedure is not yet incredibly convenient :-) but I  
think improving it is going to be an immediate focus of a couple of  
the geronimo developers.  Having a really useful plugin will  
hopefully spur this process on :-)

david jencks

> Thanks in advance,
>     Stefan

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