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From David Jencks <>
Subject What should the triplesec base OID be?
Date Wed, 15 Aug 2007 06:58:17 GMT
So, there's

but it is contradictory:

under "Assignment Scheme For Apache Directory"

Branch Assignments 	Assign To 	ApacheDS 	Triplesec

However this seems a bit too much. Splitting the OID for just two  
different projects is not worth it and plus a TLP is not supposed to  
get so many projects underneath it. Rather than doing this we're  
going to assign branches for specific needs under the TLP. Here's how  
we did it instead.
Branch Assignments 	Assign To 	ApacheDS LDAP Controls 	ApacheDS LDAP Extended Operations

These can't both be right...

A bit lower down there's something that might be a clue... 	 ApacheDS LDAP Meta Schema 	ApacheDS LDAP Apache Schema 	ApacheDS LDAP Apache DNS Schema 	Apache Directory Documentation Examples Schema 	Quartz Schema 	Bean Schema

so 	Triplesec Schema

seems reasonable.

elecharny suggested on IRC that might be a good  
choice also.  I think this would imply that triplesec was not a  
subproject of apacheds ldap but a peer.

I don't know enough to lean one way or another but I'd really  
appreciate it if those who do could come up with a decision pretty  
soon and document it on the wiki page I've been quoting.  In my  
triplesec branch I've been using

david jencks

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