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Subject [BUILD] [FAILED] Build Apache Directory Server 1.5.1::CI Build #276 failed
Date Sat, 01 Sep 2007 04:35:40 GMT
Build Apache Directory Server 1.5.1::CI Build #276 failed 
Agent: Linux - FC6
Build results:

Changes included (3 changes)
Change 571683 by akarasulu (2 files):
changes ...

 o removed externals to osgi stuff since OSGi code was sandboxed
 o moved server-main and server-installers to installers area so we don't

Change 571682 by akarasulu (1 file):
moving server installers to the installers subproject

Change 571681 by akarasulu (1 file):
moving out server-main into installers area since this will be the basis to 
the simple non-installer based noarch tarball/zip deliverable

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