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From "Enrique Rodriguez" <>
Subject Re: [OT]Where is the source code for kerberos client?
Date Fri, 31 Aug 2007 01:44:13 GMT
On 8/30/07, Leo Li <> wrote:
> ...
>      So does directory project has such an java implementation of kerberos
> client? If so, it can save us from rewriting such feature and wrap it as a
> JGSS provider.

Hi, Leo,

The links from Emmanuel are the shared (kerberos-shared) and
server-side (protocol-kerberos) components for Kerberos that are in
the Directory trunk.  What you are looking for is the kerberos client
(not in the trunk, but which uses kerberos-shared) at:

There is draft doco at:

Please note this is a client-side *component* for Kerberos, meaning it
is not a CLI or GUI client.  But, that is likely what you want for
JGSS, anyway.  We use this for integration tests for the Kerberos
server running in ApacheDS, in JUnit tests.

We need to complete support for client-side handling during
pre-authentication, but most everything works.  I am planning to
re-engage pre-authentication when our current trunk code freeze is
over so we should have this client pretty well cleaned up in the next
month or so.


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