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From "Enrique Rodriguez" <>
Subject Re: [Kerberos] Flags rewrite
Date Tue, 14 Aug 2007 23:13:40 GMT
On 8/14/07, Emmanuel Lecharny <> wrote:
> ...
> - an interface KerberoFlags
> - an abstract class AbstractKerberosFlags implementing the base
> operations, and extending the asn1 BitString object
> - 3 classes extending AbstractKerberosFlags, containing the
> combinaison of flags (TicketFlags, KdcOptions and ApOptions)
> - 3 enum containing the different individual flags (TicketFlag,
> KdcOption and ApOption)
> It will ease a lot flags manipulation in the code, and be coherent
> with our current ASN.1 codec.
> thoughts ?

In general I like the clean-up, but we do have enumeration using the
older Java-style int's and we do have these classes and they already
extend the common base class Options.  KerberosFlags is a new name
from RFC 4120 (as opposed to RFC 1510) and I agree the rename is in
order.  Regarding easing flag manipulation, I haven't found flag
setting to be a problem and I'm not sure how what you propose helps.
So, what's the major benefit of this work?  Is this part of the "make
codecs 6x faster" and "remove BC deps" initiative?

What happens with the concept of making Kerberos ASN.1 classes
implement common codec interfaces, such as "Encodable" and
"Decodable."  I thought one of the ideas you were working to make
uniform was that the classes would know how to encode themselves,
which to me ment something like a getEncoded() method that returned a
byte array containing the DER or wrote to a ByteBuffer.

Also, if I found the right BitString you're talking about, extending
BitString would expose a public API that has nothing to do with flags,
such as isStreamed().

These classes really should be immutable, even though they aren't
today.  After decoding off the wire, they should be immutable.  The
client side needs to set flags during request building, though.

Do you have examples yet of how you've updated Kerberos message
objects to use the newer ASN.1 codecs?  I thought you checked in a
class or two, but I couldn't find them.


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