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From Stefan Zoerner <>
Subject Re: Geronimo plugin for apacheds 1.5.0
Date Sat, 11 Aug 2007 18:00:46 GMT
Hi David,

finally I was able to get it up and running. Thank you very much, both 
for your effort and the instructions you gave here on the list. You are 
right -- not that convenient yet. But with a repository containing a 
working ApacheDS plugin publicly available, the procedure/concept looks 
great to me.

Here are some comments and information inline, of what I did, if someone 
else plans to try out. The description of David is sufficient, but I 
faced some minor problems -- probably due to my version selection, so I 
document them here.

David Jencks wrote:
> Here's what to do:
> geronimo: get 2.0 or build server/trunk or server/branches/2.0
> plugin: check out and build plugins/directory/trunk (for apacheds 
> 1.5.1-SNAPSHOT) or plugins/directory/branches/2.0 (for apacheds 1.5.0).

I decided to use my already installed G 2.0-M6 and the 1.5.1-SNAPSHOT, 
i.e. I checked out from

Building via "mvn install" worked just fine, although it took some time 
to download the impressive number of dependencies.

One problem I had: A unit test failed due to another ApacheDS running on 
my machine port 10389 -- the unit test planned the same. So stop your 
ApacheDS, if it listens to 10389 before building the plugin.

> make your local maven repo look like a geronimo plugin repo:  When you 
> built the plugin, maven will have copied a file geronimo-plugin.xml to  
> directory/target/classes/META-INF/geronimo-plugin.xml.  Copy this file 
> to ~/.m2/repository/geronimo-plugins.xml and edit it so it looks like:

It was not sufficient to copy the file, because G seems to expect 
something called "geronimo-plugins.xml" (with an "s") in the repository. 
I took the one from
as a template and copied my plugin information from geronimo-plugin.xml 
(see above) into the file.

I had to add this line


to the plugin entry, just as David mentions below ("supported versions").

> ok... now for the fireworks :-)
> Start geronimo and look in the admin console under "plugins".  Click the 
> "add new plugin repository" link and add the file:// url for your local 
> maven repo: for me it's file://Users/david/.m2/repository

G was not able to accept my repo with a "file://" protocol. After 
serving the repository with a local httpd, everything worked fine. 
Perhaps the reason is my Windows environment; I had a blank in the .m2 
path (not a good plan at all).

> Now click the Search For Plugins button and you should get a page with 
> the directory plugin shown.  If not there might be something wrong with  
> the "supported versions" in the geronimo-plugin.xml, try editiing it to 
> whatever version you are using.  Click the install buttons at the bottom 
> of the pages until if finally installs....

The rest worked like described, I had to do the 2.0 extra work as 
depicted by David below.

> On branches/2.0 and trunk the plugin should install and start without 
> problems.  You can check by looking at the bottom of the System Modules 
> page.  On 2.0, you have to do some more work.
> from the root of your geronimo install:
> mkdir var/directory
> cp  
> repository/org/apache/geronimo/plugins/directory/2.0-SNAPSHOT/

> var/directory/server.xml
> Now you should be able to start the plugin from the system modules page 
> in the admin console.
> I checked that it was working ok by using LDAP Studio to connect: I 
> could see some plausible entries and appeared to be able to add and edit 
> entries, so I figured it was working properly.

Another option is to use the LDAP Viewer in the G admin console's Debug 
views. This works fine as well.

Thanks again David. Great work!


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