Hi all,

I've been working on some prototypes of a mapping tool from Java to LDAP and back. The only really
sticky point I have for mapping simple primitive properties lies in the area of representing real values
in the directory.  There is no real syntax in LDAP.  Nor are there matchingRules for attributes with this
syntax.  ASN.1 defines an encoding for REAL data types here:


I'm going to move forward and just ignore Java floats and doubles for now.  However I would really like
to devise a simple encoding for the base, and mantissa of these entities to be able to track them without
rounding errors due to their persistence in the directory.  There's been a lot of conversation about this
topic but no one has actually stepped up and done it.  Here's some links to these convos:

Does anyone think they can take a stab at writing an LDAP syntax description for REAL numbers
and providing the required SyntaxChecker and matchingRules for it as well?