Hi Martin,

On 7/17/07, Martin Alderson <martin.alderson@salfordsoftware.co.uk> wrote:

I've recently been working on the ReplicationServiceITest and after
doing an update from SVN I found that my changes had stopped working.  I
traced this down to the recent change (made by Alex K I think) of making
  the interceptor configuration use interceptorClassName instead of the
actual interceptor

Yes I made this change sorry if it caused some issues for you.

- I was relying on being able to create the
interceptor myself and feeding it into the configuration.  

The change I have made makes configuration beans contain only information on
how to initialized the components they correspond to rather than containing
a reference to the component they represent the configuration for.  This makes
it much easier to map these beans to entries backing their properties in the
server.  This refactoring was done to facilitate the CiDIT effort.

The creation
of the interceptor (ReplicationService in my case) is now buried deep
within the creation of the InterceptorChain.

Yes this is true the interceptors are now instantiated by the InterceptorChain
rather than by Spring.

How do we get access to these interceptors?

You can access any interceptor by requesting it from the InterceptorChain by
name.  There are methods on InterceptorChain for performing this lookup.

Does this help?