Hi all,

I just created a confluence page (not fully complete with details yet) on our Configuration
in DIT objectives.  The page via our site is located here:


For now I have simply defined what it is or rather what it will be. I also talk about the advantages
of CiDIT and the disadvantages of having the configuration out of the DIT as we have it now. As
I investigate how this can be achieved I will be adding detailed information to this wiki page.

If y'all are interested in discussing the impact of this you now have a description of what it will be.
This way we can start the discussion. Feel free to add to the [dis]advantages opposing sections
for what I have done here: being biased for CiDIT I just show it's advantages while showing only
the disadvantages of what we have now.

I'll start another thread on CiDIT discussions for those interested.